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Know Your Warranty

Congratulations! You’ve moved in, you’re comfortable with your financial and other decisions, and you are enjoying the benefits of a modern, well-built home. Now you want things to continue going smoothly for many years to come.

In Ontario, your builder is obliged to provide you with a mandatory warranty on your new home. If, or any reason, your builder cannot fulfill his or her warranty obligations, Tarion is there to protect you.

Tarion is a private corporation established in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers. The corporation also regulates Ontario’s residential building industry.  Every new home builder in the province is required to be licensed with the warranty program and will possess a registration certificate. Ask to see it, if it is not displayed in the sales office. Before construction can begin, each individual house must be enrolled in the program. The fee, which ranges between $373.75 and $862.50, is an adjustment that you usually pay on closing.


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