Older couple - first home

Detached, Semi-Detached, Townhouse, Condo?

With the general location established, you can think about the kind of home you’d like to live in. You can find just about any kind of home in any part of the GTA today, but most high-rise condominiums, for instance, are located in Toronto, so you’ll have more choice there. A semi-detached house or a townhouse is often, but not always, less expensive than a detached single-family dwelling. If you like the idea of having friends and neighbours close by, this is a desirable choice. You’re still king of your castle, it’s just that there’s another king on the other side of the wall.

If you favour more privacy or want a little more outside breathing space, you’ll probably search only for detached houses. If you seek maintenance-free, shut-the-door-and-go-way-for-six-months living, you’ll be looking at condominiums – townhouses or apartment suites – where in most cases the common elements are looked after by the condo corporation.

High-rise condominiums often include extensive fitness and social amenities, even guest suites, that provide additional benefits.

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