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by Paul Golini: Chair, BILD



Condominium renovations set to rise

I went in search of statistics this week of the number of condominium units being renovated in the city. Turns out, the renovation stats we keep are based on households and a further breakdown into household type doesn't appear to exist. I went looking for some baseline numbers because I think we're about to see a renovation revolution as the number of condominium renovations rise.

The hard numbers that I do have relate to the construction of the 1980s condominium stock, which saw some 58,000 units built in that decade, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. We know that these units are starting to turn over to new owners, many of whom are updating the old floor plans to create a more open-concept space. They are also changing out finishes like countertops, cabinets, bathroom accessories and more to freshen up and personalize the space.

BILD recently presented its inaugural Best Condominium Renovation award to Carick Home Improvements and the project was exactly that, a complete renovation of a 1980s-built galley kitchen that is now design-magazine quality.

I was speaking to one of our Renomark™ renovators, David Males, president of Northern Edge Construction, on this very topic and he had written a column for the Toronto Star about it two years ago.  He said the older stock is attractive to buyers because of location and size. But when it comes to renovating, it's not like working on a single-family home and there are some major differences to consider.

To start, most condominium boards have to give approval to plans before anything can change and there may also be specific rules about work times, elevator use to get waste out and new materials in, as well as parking for work vehicles.
If you live in the GTA and want to do a condo renovation, but don't know where to start, visit There you can filter a database of contractors by selecting condominium work. The companies listed are BILD members and are held to a higher standard. You never know, your newly-renovated condo could be up for next year's award.

Paul Golini Jr. is Chair of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). You can read more from Paul and BILD by visiting the Association's official blogTwitterFacebook and Youtube accounts.