Girl in condo with laptop

by Bryan Tucker: President & CEO, BILD



September 6 - Get engaged in the Condo Act review

In July, the Ministry of Consumer Services announced that it would be reviewing the Condominium Act by working with condominium owners and residents, the industry and others to look at a variety of issues and possible solutions. Details of the review were released last week and it's going to be a three-phase process engaging thousands over the next year.

August 30 - Trending topics: high-rise amenities

With increasing demand in the high-rise market, condo developers have taken amenities to a whole new level in recent years. A 24-hour concierge, swimming pool and fitness centre have all become basic expectations as opposed to luxuries in today's condominiums.

August 23 - Exploring high-rise capitals: Panama City

My previous two installments of Rooftop Surfing explored the parallels between Toronto and other cities around the world that are known for their soaring high-rises. After taking a look at the towers of Hong Kong, we explored the Chicago skyline, finding similarities and differences in both examples.

August 16 - World’s most prominent high-rise markets: Chicago

Those of you who read the last edition of Rooftop Surfing were given a brief overview of the similarities and differences between the City of Toronto and Hong Kong, illustrating how learning from the success and failures of others is a great way of making educated decisions and, in turn, building great cities.

August 2 - High-rise markets overseas: Hong Kong

As city builders, we must constantly learn about the successes and failures of others in order to make educated decisions. That is part of the reason the GTA has thrived when it comes to land development and new home construction, particularly in the high-rise market.

July 26 - GTA new home sales remain stable

It seems like only yesterday the Year of the Condo headlines graced the covers of glossy magazines and daily newspapers. An interesting time, indeed, with some claiming the boom to continue for years to come while others predicting a quick fall.

July 19 - Giving back

The building and development industry is often seen as a key economic contributor to our cities. Time and time again we talk about job creation, community development and improving the standard of living for GTA residents. But what often gets lost in the mix is our members' dedication to the communities that help make us one of the most successful industries in the world.

July 12 - Toronto places first in North America, eighth in world

Those that know me well are aware of my passion for travel. In my lifetime, I've visited 44 countries and while each of them has its own charm, it's always nice to come back to my GTA-based home.

July 5 - Living in the clouds

We've observed over the last few years as the GTA's housing market has made a shift towards higher density living over the last decade. 

June 28 - BILD is part of the solution

Since the first glass panel fell from a condominium balcony last year, the Association and its members, along with its Ontario affiliate, have been actively trying to find a solution to the problem.

June 21 - A first time for everything

There's a first time for everything. This is my first time writing a column as the Association's President and CEO, so I thought I would start off by telling you about the time I bought my first home.