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by Bryan Tuckey: President and CEO, BILD


September 8 - Fall Home Show: Your destination for all things renovation

A great renovation always starts with a solid plan, and it is essential to do your homework before you start to renovate.

September 1 - What to consider when buying a new home

If you're ready to buy a home, my advice would be to buy a new one. I can think of a slew of benefits but the best ones are that you can snag a great pre-construction price, you get to watch as your new home comes to life and you get to pick and personalize all of the features to really make it yours.

August 25 - Certainty needed for future growth

An interesting article was published in the Toronto Star last week about a new David Suzuki Foundation report that looked at the Ontario Greenbelt's role in mitigating the effects of climate change.

August 18 - Building for a good cause

Despite the rainy day last week, a spirited group of BILD members rolled up their sleeves and spent the day building a home for a Habitat for Humanity Toronto family in the City of Toronto's west end.

August 11 - What do you want in your backyard?

If your neighbourhood has development potential, you'll know it.

August 4 - Strengthening our voice

Back in May, I set a goal of reaching out to 90 people in my first 90 days here at BILD and in about five weeks, I surpassed it. But don't get me wrong, I'm still reaching out and meeting new people every single day. In fact, earlier this week, I met the CEO of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, Mitzie Hunter, who heads up an organization that convenes civic leaders from across all sectors and the region to catalyze change on the tough issues and big opportunities facing us today.

July 28 - Reviewing the Condo Act

In the late 1990s, the GTA grew by 10 per cent adding 450,000 people to the burgeoning region. Just like today, there was a demand for housing and our industry went to work to deliver it. Between 1996 and 2001, more than 161,000 homes were built and about half of those were in the City of Toronto. What's interesting to note, is that the majority of those new developments were condominiums and much like today, very few rental buildings were going up so the condominium market was filling that gap even back then.

July 21 - Giving back is important to our industry

Often in our industry you'll hear someone say that there's nothing like seeing a homeowner's face when they get the keys to their new place. It just makes it all worth it, they'll say. Put that into the Habitat for Humanity Toronto context and the sense of pride is tenfold.

July 14 - Plans for your neighbourhood

There's a visual cue that can tell you if a builder has filed a planning application with town or city staff seeking to construct a new building in your neighbourhood. A very large sign will be posted on the property with information about what the builder has envisioned for that parcel of land. I'll help you decode those signs in this column-and it's a great one for me to take over from BILD Chair Paul Golini, who has written the last three columns in this monthly series about how our industry mobilizes when a transit plan is given a green light, because I have been planning cities my entire career.

July 7 - Renovation offers a fresh start

The words "a fresh start" can be interpreted differently by different people. Some consider it an opportunity to close the door on an existing routine and develop a more productive one. Others may view it as an end to a pleasant, comfortable setting and a challenge to create one that is equally secure.

June 30 - A lesson in international relations

There's a lot to be said about new home construction in the GTA, with some focusing on the hot market, the high-rise shift or the expansion into the 905, but it takes an outside perspective to see how interesting this industry really is.

June 23 - A new voice for the industry

In his weekly columns over the last eight months, BILD Chair Paul Golini Jr. has shed light on issues that are important to our industry, new homebuyers and homeowners across the GTA. He has written about the various aspects of home building, renovation, changes to municipal, provincial and federal policies and so much more.