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by Paul Golini: Chair, BILD



June 9 - Getting the lay of the land

I've received some great feedback from those of you who are reading along and learning from this series of monthly columns about how our industry mobilizes when a transit plan is given a green light.

May 26 - Your voice at city hall

Have you ever gone down to city hall? Attended a council meeting or met with your local councillor to talk about what's happening in your neighbourhood? If not, why?

May 19 - Renovation sector rebounds in 2012

While most of my previous columns focus on residential new home construction and its impact on the economy, I think it's time to take a look at some of the recent accomplishments of a very prominent industry affecting homeowners - home renovation.

May 12 - Housing market is a hot topic

Our country's housing market is a hot topic right now.  Newspaper headlines, TV reports and radio shows are abuzz with words like "condo craze," "housing bubble" and "overheated housing market."

May 5 - Industry projects and people celebrated at BILD Awards

From the moment guests took their seats-and there were nearly 1,000 of them-at the 32nd annual BILD Awards, the night was off to an entertaining start. A flash mob of disguised singers and dancers arose from the seated crowd and got everyone on their feet and singing Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" covered by the talented Dave Murphy Band.

April 28 - Scoping out property near a new transit line

About a month ago in this space, I promised to write a series of columns over the next year focused on how our industry mobilizes when a transit plan is given the green light. With the understanding that people will want to live near a brand new transit line, this is my chance to explain the ins and outs of the development process-what some of us call "from dirt to door"-and what's involved in building communities along a planned transit line.

April 21 - Sales shift to the 905

Earlier this week I was invited to sit on a panel and give the industry perspective on what has been happening in the first three months of this year regarding new home sales and market trends.

April 14 - Best project of the year is up to you

New home purchasers are a sophisticated group. Knowing this, and knowing how engaged the followers of this column tend to be, I thought I'd invite you to help us with our inaugural People's Choice Award, which will be given to a lucky winner at the Association's 32nd annual BILD Awards later this month.

April 7 - A tale of two budgets

In the same week, two government budgets were released and each one will affect our industry and our consumers in a different way. In the provincial budget, there is money for key infrastructure projects that will help complete communities and in the federal budget-well, it's actually what's missing from the federal budget that will benefit future home buyers in those communities.

March 31 - Stay on track for future residents

About a month ago, I stood united at city hall, shoulder-to-shoulder with a number of my competitors in the land development and home building  industry-but our minds weren't on our individual businesses, they were on what is right for the City of Toronto and its future residents.

March 24 - Award-winning renos kick off renovation season

Traditionally, renovation season is reserved for the later months of spring or early summer. Having said that, it seems like homeowners are getting a head start on their renovation plans this year, given the unusual weather we've experienced lately (not that I'm complaining). Some of the comments we've heard over the last week at BILD's Destination Renovation booth at the National Home Show have definitely confirmed my suspicion.

March 17 - What would a new home or renovation mean to you?

As a home builder, there’s nothing quite like watching someone receive the keys to their brand new home. The excitement in their eyes, the anticipation of opening the door and touring around taking in every detail, along with the realization that they are finally home.

March 3 - National Home Show and Canada Blooms under one roof

Something about this time of year makes me look at my house differently, wondering what I could be renovating or landscaping in the coming months. I can't be the only one - and I know I'll be in good company at this year's National Home Show. It's going to be even bigger and better than last year because we've teamed up with Canada Blooms to co-locate the two shows and bring the largest North American display of innovative products and new ideas for all things home and garden under one roof.

February 25 - Building for future growth

I don't know about you, but I've been anxiously awaiting the release of the most recent census data for Canada and more importantly, the GTA. Statistics Canada conducted a census last year-the last one was done in 2006-and I think the GTA has grown exponentially since then. I wondered: will the census data reflect it?

February 11 - Green builders awarded for excellence

Last week I was in beautiful Collingwood for the Ontario Home Builders' Association builder and renovator forum-an annual event that is jam-packed with energy efficiency training organized by the Association's training partner, EnerQuality, and there were 210 of us from all facets of the industry soaking it all in.

February 4 - Popular energy retrofit program comes to an end

This week's news that the federal government will no longer accept new registrations for its ecoEnergy Retrofit - Homes program is disappointing, yet at the same time encouraging.

January 28 - The year of the condo

You'll have to excuse me for borrowing a headline from BILD's press release last Friday, but there really is no other way to describe 2011 - a year that will long be known for its phenomenal success in the high-rise sector.

January 21 - TAP-ping to a new rhythm

A home is the biggest investments we can make, so it only makes sense to find new home buyers setting the bar quite high when it comes to their real estate purchases, especially in the GTA.

January 14 - Raising the profile of women in the industry

I don't know if you've noticed, or if I'm just attune to it, but some of the hardest working women in the industry have nailed some great headlines and TV spots over the last year. It occurred to me as I was watching and reading those year-in-review specials and countdown lists over the holidays that BILD could really put its own together.

January 7 - Migrating Landscapes is migrating to Toronto

Over the last few months, a Canada-wide architectural competition called Migrating Landscapes has been making its way across the country and on February 6, it's coming to Toronto. The competition and series of exhibitions all lead up to the world-renowned Venice Architecture Biennale (aka the Olympics of Architecture) where a select group of young architects and designers will form the official Team Canada entry.