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by Julie Di Lorenzo

Julie Di Lorenzo is the 2005 GTHBA President, and is also president of Diamante Urban Corporation.

First-time home buyer assistance

One of the general questions we frequently hear from the public is whether there are any government programs to help out first-time home buyers. In fact, there are several programs that have been around for many, many years, which are either not perceived as assistance programs or which tend to be taken for granted.

Indoor Air Quality: A matter of comfort and safety!

What do off-white carpets, burning candles, dripping windows and well built new homes all have in common? Well, that is what many new home buyers are asking their builders' customer service department these days when they notice grimy black deposits around the edge of the carpets near the baseboards and moisture vapour on windows in cold weather.

Not all lofts are created equal

When are lofts covered by Tarion Warranty Corporation and when are they not covered?

Cyber space and careers in the skilled trades

There's a newly launched Website designed to introduce young people to a career where a great demand exists for skilled professionals, where above-average salaries are the norm and one where there's a wide range of employment choice and future opportunity.

Tell me condo, condo, condo

There's a very catchy radio jingle called "Condo, Condo, Condo" created by Montana Steele Advertising to promote Lawrence Park Condominiums on behalf of Tower Hill Development. The song sprang to mind when I saw the new home sales statistics for the month of April.

Customers win big in insurance battle
What customers said about builder of the year
New home sales slow but incentives on the rise
Cheap precast an oxymoron

Despite comments to the contrary, precast concrete is neither cheap, nor inferior in quality.  It's one of the most durable, energy efficient and versatile products around.

Fire valid reason for delayed closing
How much do I really need to close my house?
Top ten tips from previous home buyers
Balcony area not part of condo suite

A discussion on how square footage in calculated in newly-constructed condominiums.

Housing analysts upbeat
Customer service goes high tech at Tarion
City, suburbs will never be the same

The provincial government recently revealed the Greater Golden Horseshoe growth management plan. What does the plan mean for current homeowners, would-be homebuyers and communities?

The evolution of the condominium market

The condominium market continues to thrive.  This article discusses why.

The myth of the ubiquitous single-detached home

Only 42 per cent of all new homes sold in the GTA last year were single-detached dwellings, far below the perceived level. This article discusses the implications of housing types.

Speaking up for home buyers
GST on new housing hurts home buyers

This article discusses changes that should be made to the GST rebate on newly-constructed homes.

Home buyers support choice

This column continues the discussion last week of the many of the issues of concern to home buyers with respect to their builder relationship. This week's column focuses more on the areas of consumer convergence with builders. 

What home buyers think of home builders

What do home buyers really think of builders? This article discusses recent research from the Canadian Home Builders' Association.

Rising high in 2005?