Happy homeowner

Habitat for Humanity

When it comes to giving to charities or community-based events, the Building Industry and Land Development Association and its members are there in spades supporting everything from community festivals to sports teams to arts, culture, health and education.

In 2003, BILD sponsored its first Habitat for Humanity Home and we have been a home sponsor every year since then. When we took a close look at the Habitat model, we really liked what we saw. In fact, BILD and Habitat are really in the same business of providing shelter. The other thing we like about the Habitat model is the fact that it's based on homeownership with no government subsidies involved.

Add in the fact that 100 per cent of every dollar donated to Habitat goes directly to helping people (Habitat funds its operations through it's Re-Store revenues) and Habitat is the perfect fit for our Association.

Since our partnership began, the BILD membership has really taken it to heart with many individual members augmenting the Association's participation with direct donations of money, materials, skilled labour or volunteer labour when Habitat is "blitz-building."

Why is BILD and its individual members so supportive of Habitat for Humanity and so many causes? We do it because we believe in giving back to our communities. We do it because the GTA is the place where we live, work and play. We do it because the GTA is our home too.